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Old Time Town Hall Meeting

The Shannon Lake Neighbourhood Association (SLNA) hosted a traditional town hall meeting on October 30th. Fifteen Shannon Lake Neighbourhood residents of varying demographics met to express their opinions on two Shannon Lake Neighbourhood topics - improvements to Shannon Lake road and the Auburn Road development proposal.

City of West Kelowna councillor Stephen Johnston was the Town Hall's special guest while Tom Groat, SLNA president, acted as moderator. Each participant was given an opportunity to speak and direct a question to Councillor Johnston.

Shannon Lake Road Improvements

Residents comments were focused around the increasing traffic and speed on Shannon Lake Road and the need to address safety concerns. The need for a roundabout at Asquith Road was also mentioned. Johnston agreed, “We need improvements as we grow, not after we grow.” Stephen supports a roundabout at Asquith.

Several residents felt multi-use pathways would serve residents better than sidewalks and bike lane. Multi-use pathways create a physical separation between pathway users and vehicles while at the same time calming traffic due to driver's perception of a narrower road.

Resident Melayna Neufeld, who requires a powered wheelchair, said it was very challenging using Shannon Lake Road and the controlled crosswalk at Shannon Way. "The sight lines at that intersection are poor and gravel makes it difficult to access the crossing button."

Johnston indicated the city received $10.2M toward infrastructure improvements and some of those funds will be assigned to improving Shannon Lake Road. "Let's do it once, do it right."

At the September 30th council meeting, council requested city staff take the proposed improvements back to their engineering department and re-envision the design.

Auburn Road Development Proposal

A 405-unit multi-family development has been proposed for Auburn Road, west of Constable Neil Bruce School (CNB).

Many town hall participants expressed concerns ranging from traffic and safety to geotechnical and lack of emergency egress. "Daimler Road at CNB is a nightmare. Safety is already a huge concern. Daimler Road has always been a problem; the proposed development has simply poured gas on the fire."

A resident of nearby Terravita Condominiums suggested, "Over 1000 vehicles would be required to use the only emergency egress via Golf Course Estate Road during an evacuation order."

"The city needs to be more pro-active regarding development and infrastructure. We need to have infrastructure in place before we start building."

Johnston indicated most BC municipalities are being asked to meet provincial/federal housing targets however acknowledged the challenges. "Does CNB even have the capacity to handle the increase of students as a result of this development?"

Council passed second reading of the Auburn Road development proposal and the proposal will now go to public hearing in early December. The Landvision Group will be hosting a public information night however a date and location has not been set.


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