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Shannon Lake Road Safety - Be Proactive Not Reactive

The question is not IF a casualty or serious accident will occur but rather WHEN.

Shannon Lake residents need to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to our family and friends' safety. The City of West Kelowna is currently revising the Transportation Master Plan (TMP). In the coming year, our city council will be establishing a priority listing of capital projects including infrastructure improvements to roads. Shannon Lake Road, identified as the worse road in West Kelowna, was passed over on the current budget (in favour of Boucherie Rd) and we can not afford any more delays.

Many residents will not cycle SLR out of fear of injury. Parents will not allow their children to walk to school. Seniors and the physically challenged feel isolated.

The Shannon Lake Neighbourhood Association (SLNA) is establishing a Shannon Lake Road Safety committee with the goal of ensuring immediate and appropriate improvements to the road as well as to the active transportation infrastructure.

Contact the SLNA at and find out how you can help to lobby our city for a safer Shannon Lake Road.



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