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Residents Concerned Over Auburn Road Development Proposal

In June of 2022 Developer Manpreet Singh and David Eaton Architecture Inc submitted a development application for a 490-unit apartment development contained within five buildings. Two of five building are intended for Auburn Road frontage with three buildings accessed via private lane at the upper elevation west of the site. The proposal calls for 320 1-bedroom apartments and 170 2-bedroom apartments. Each apartment will come with 1 onsite or 1.5 onsite parking stalls.

The proposal was sent to the Advisory Planning Commission (APC) in July of 2022. APC members expressed concern with the limited number of onsite parking stalls, additional traffic on surrounding streets and school zone, and 1-bedroom units not being family-orientated. The APC motion to support the development at 2471 Auburn was defeated.

On Feb 14th, council gave first reading to Zoning Bylaw Amendment for 2741 Auburn Road to rezone the property to accommodate construction of a 491-unit apartment development. Council also directed staff to schedule second reading pending further traffic review and analysis and determine necessary off-site improvements. West Kelowna city staff and council expressed concerns regarding traffic and on-street parking. City council passed a motion to schedule second reading pending further traffic review and analysis on necessary off-site road improvements.

On July 25th council postponed second reading of the Zoning Bylaw Amendment for 2741 Auburn Road to further review offsite traffic improvements, timing of these improvements, and potential cost-sharing of the road improvements.

At the Sept 26th city council meeting, city staff presented the developer's cost-sharing road improvement proposal. Phase 1 (220 units) would have Auburn Road improvements (widening) with the developer covering 100% of the cost. Phase 2 (236 units) would include an Auburn roundabout and restrictions at Old Okanagan Highway with the developer sharing the cost with the city. Council unanimously approved the motion to proceed to a public hearing followed by additional discussion at Third reading.

The SLNA publicly supports affordable, family-orientated residential development that helps address the housing shortage in the City of West Kelowna. However, development has to be in keeping with the characteristic and aesthetics of the neighbourhood and must ensure traffic, parking and safety issues are appropriately addressed.

Several local groups have started letter writing campaigns and petitions to express their concern with the proposed development and the impact it would have on the adjacent area.



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