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No Left Turns At Canyon Crest Drive

Updated: May 6, 2023

Several Shannon Lake residents have expressed concern over the abundance of vehicles making illegal lefthand turns off Shannon Lake Road on to Canyon Crest Drive.

Last summer the City of West Kelowna's engineering department completed the Canyon Crest Drive and Shannon Lake road intersection including a boulevard and accompanying roads signs resulting in no left hand turns.

Since that time residents have witnessed residential and commercial vehicles illegally turning onto Canyon Crest Drive. "I've even seen vehicles turn up the opposite lane to avoid the boulevard." one concerned resident stated.

In response to SLNA inquiry regarding traffic concerns at this intersection, Allen Fillion, City of West Kelowna Director of Engineering and Operations stated, "We do not yet have a preferred solution for the illegal turns taking place on Canyon Crest Drive. One option could be adding centre line delineators." Fillion reinforced that the City will not consider allowing left turns at this location.

In closing Fillion added, "While we research an appropriate solution, I would remind residents that these turning movements are illegal and dangerous and they should refrain from such actions."



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