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Concerns over Shannon Woods Dog Park Conditions

Shannon Lake residents are expressing concern over the condition of the Shannon Woods off-leash dog park.

"Although I understand rules are rules but the dog park over in Shannon Woods is just crap, I can understand why people are using fenced area such as Shannon Ridge Park for their dogs to play. The type of substrate they use at the Shannon Woods Park has left my dog with splinters and quite frankly 15 mins of joy for him equals an hour of removing bark and splinters from his fur." explained one resident on the Shannon Lake Friends Facebook group.

The SLNA asked the city to response to resident's concerns about the poor conditions of the Shannon Woods Dog Park as well as some residents concerns about dog owners use of fenced parks (Ex. Shannon Ridge Park).

Collette Beggs, Executive Assistant to Mayor Milsom and CAO Paul Gipps, responded, "On direction from Council, staff are proceeding with a trial at the new Wildhorse Dog Park, where there are no wood chips. Parks Department will monitor the effectiveness over the next year which will help guide future park improvements and practices."

Beggs went on to say, "The city would like to remind residents that parks are not to be used for off-leash dogs and residents are at a risk of being ticketed."



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