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What propriety developments are coming to Shannon Lake Road?

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

There are several development proposals in progress or in the planning stages for property adjacent to Shannon Lake Road. The following is an overview of proposed developments.

1. Untitled (2749 Shannon Lake Road)

Developer: Suntory City Develop & Invest Group Inc, Richmond, BC

Description: 72-unit townhouse and duplex development

Additional info: 128 parking stalls, dog run, community garden, public access to lake front.

Click here for complete proposal.

2. West 61 Luxury Condominiums (2735 Shannon Lake Road)

Developer: Brightshore Developments (OCL Group), Edmonton

Description: 58 luxury condominiums

Additional Info: Height variance from 9.0 m to 12.9 m for roof top patio. Public access to lakefront park, public parking.

3. Edge View Townhouses (2835 Canyon Crest Drive)

Developer: Ryser Developments, Kelowna

Description: 26 townhomes

Click here for complete proposal.

4. Untitled (2237 Shannon Lake Road)

Developer: Azure Properties Group, New Westminster, BC

Description: 36-unit apartment building

Additional info: Currently under review. Height variance request from 9.0 m to 17.2 m for five storeys to accommodate a two-level parkade.

Click here for additional information.

5. The Arbor (1975 Shannon Lake Road)

Developer: Trellis Proprieties, Surrey, BC

Description: 97 Townhouses in 13 buildings ranging from 3 to 4 stories.

Click here for additional information.

6a. Emil Anderson Maintenance Shop (1810 Shannon Lake Road)

Developer: Emil Anderson Construction / GEC Construction

Description: Light commercial development including indoor maintenance shop, outdoor storage, and wash bays.

Additional info: No rezoning required (by-law amendments)

Click here for complete proposal.

6b. Multi-tenant light industrial building (1811 Shannon Lake Road)

(Conceptual Building 1 shown above)

Description: A range of light industrial and associated uses, including contractor service, retail (service commercial), warehouse, commercial storage, recreation services (indoor), general industry, and restaurant.

Additional Info: The restoration and permanent protection of the McDougall Creek is included.

Click here for complete proposal.

6c. Emil Anderson Administrative Offices (1802 Shannon Lake Road)

(Conceptual Building 2 shown above)

Description: Office space

Click here for complete proposal.



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