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The Shannon Lake Neighbourhood Association

Who are we?

The Shannon Lake Neighbourhood Association (SLNA) is a registered society made up of residents whom create a unified voice to maintain and enhance our neighbourhood. Activities include:

  • Enhancing our neighbourhood community through special events (e.g., Pancake Breakfast, Community Clean-up Day, Community Dinner/Dance).

  • Sharing information with residents in regards to issues that effect our neighbourhood. (e.g. Land development, infrastructure improvements, policing)

  • Maintaining a positive dialogue with West Kelowna City council and staff.

Why Become a SLNA Member?

Shannon Lake is experiencing significant development and change. For Shannon Lake residents, being part of a neighbourhood association can be crucial in ensuring their voices are heard in decisions that affect their community. The SLNA is the gateway to voice your opinion. Whether it's organizing events, advocating for improvements, or simply creating a support network, the SLNA can strengthen bonds and make our neighbourhood a more vibrant and cohesive place to live.

How Do I Become a SLNA Member?

Purchasing a $10 membership is a great way to show your support for the SLNA. It pays for basic costs such as our registration as a society and small administrative costs such as printing and office supplies. As our association grows, we hope to be able to fund more neighbourhood events and projects. It helps to ensure that when neighbourhood issues arise, the funds to act and be heard are available.

Memberships may be purchased:



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