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The Shannon Lake Neighbourhood Association

Who are we?

The Shannon Lake Neighborhood Association (SLNA) is a registered society that has a general mission to improve neighbourhood life. We are made up of residents that share a common goal to create a unified voice, to enhance living conditions in our neighborhood, and to address neighborhood concerns. Activities include:

  • Developing and enhancing community pride and spirit through hosting or volunteering at special events (e.g., Pancake Breakfast, Community Clean-up Day).

  • Undertaking neighbourhood improvement initiatives such as spring clean-ups, community beautification, playground development and more.

  • Providing information to residents through a newsletter and online presence and acting as a unified voice on issues affecting the community.

  • Providing input into the planning and development process and encouraging good municipal planning practices.

Why Become a SLNA Member?

The Shannon Lake neighbourhood is in full growth mode and most of us to want to have a say on where we go from here. The City of West Kelowna has been very receptive to communicating with neighbourhood associations and if we don't want to be left out of the conversation, it is important to exist and to pursue the growth of our association with our voice being heard. The SLNA is the gateway to voice your opinion.

We can respond in many ways to the needs of our residents, fostering and supporting them. This happens through neighbourhood improvement initiatives, and through direct input into planning, traffic issues, and other public affairs.

Examples of opportunities available to the SLNA include:

  • Community-wide events like Pancake breakfasts and Community Clean-Ups

  • Attending and presenting at city council meetings

  • Develop important working relationship with city department (e.g., CAO, planning and development departments)

  • Communication related to community safety (e.g., Community Policing)

The SLNA wants to get to know you and hear from you. They want you to feel safe and love where you live! Our volunteers are dedicated to making sure our community is a great place to live, work, and play, and they want you to be part of it.

How Do I Become a SLNA Member?

Purchasing a $10 SLNA membership is a great way to get involved and show your support. It pays for basic costs such as our registration as a society and small administrative costs such as printing and office supplies. As our association grows, we hope to be able to fund more neighbourhood events and projects. It helps to ensure that when neighbourhood issues arise, the funds to act and be heard are available.

Memberships may be purchased:

Overall, the SLNA can provide a shared sense of citizenship and inclusion.

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