Shannon Lake Neighbourhood Association Meetings

The SLNA generally holds public meetings annually with invited speakers addressing topics of interest to our membership. Special meetings can be organized if a topic of interest or urgency to the neighbourhood needs to be addressed. Board meetings are held on an as need basis during the course of the year.

The SLNA 2015 AGM

The SLNA did not hold a 2015 AGM as allowed by the Societies Act and will hold the next AGM late spring 2016. More information will be provided once a date and venue are settled

The SLNA 2014 AGM

The SLNA 2014 AGM was held Wednesday, October 29, 2014 @ 6:00 pam at the new Mar Jok Elementary School, 2101 McDougall Road, West Kelowna followed by the SLNA hosting an "All-Candidates" meeting for the upcoming municipal election.

The SLNA 2013 AGM

The SLNA did not hold a 2013 AGM as allowed by the Societies Act and will hold the next AGM late spring 2014. More information will be provided once a date and venue are settled

The SLNA 2012 AGM

The SLNA held the 2012 AGM and Neighbourhood meeting at the Shannon Lake Elementary School Monday June 4th @ 7:00 pm. 74 people attended including District of West Kelowna Mayor Findlater, Councillors DeJong, Knowles, Ophus, Winsby, and Milsom along with CAO, Jason Johnson. The Society AGM was held with a new Board elected comprised previous members Dave Mathieson, Gord Wiebe, Tanya Liser, Karen Flavin, and Cheryl Penner along with the much appreciated addition of Linda Edwards and Marnie Douglas. The Neighbourhood Meeting then followed with an Agenda that included: an update on the Shannon Lake Elementary School from Principal Alida Privett (including the introduction of our new Vice Principal, Jesse Bruce), a short presentation and discussion of the reasons for the SLNA to put forward pioneer Adrian Byland to the SD#23 Board for consideration for the name for the new elementary school to be constructed on McDougall Crk road, a short presentation by Larry Mintz of the West Kelowna Residents Association regarding issues of environmental damage on the private property bordering the actual Smith Creek waterway, an SLNA Presentation on current neighbourhood red flag issues (trails, sidewalks, roads, and intersections), a presentation on the SLNA concerns regarding the Asquith/Shannon Lake Road intersection Bulk Water Station, a short note about the upcoming Tallus Ridge Referral final phase development application, and ending with a Presentation and question session with the proponents of the Neighbours Pub application, Rick and Lori Lang. As a final pitch to the Mayor and Council they were presented with a petition from Shannon Lake Elementary School pupils against the Ice Cream Truck ban. Meeting attendees were asked to provide anonymous feedback on the issues discussed and any other issues of concern. The results of the specific questions asked are presented in the Ballot Results and other comments provided by attendees are found in the Additional Comments. This feedback from the Neighbourhood Meeting will support a formal delegation to Council within the next few weeks.