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This is the web-site for the Shannon Lake Neighbourhood Association (SLNA)

A not for profit organization registered under the Society Act of B.C. with the mandate to advance and maintain the quality of life within the Shannon Lake Neighbourhood and represent Shannon Lake Neighbourhood Association members in dealing with all agencies that affect life within the Shannon Lake Neighbourhood.  All residents and businesses within the Shannon Lake area are welcome to become involved in this Association. 

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To e-mail the SLNA please use slna@shannonlake.org

October 12, 2017 WATER QUALITY ADVISORY! covering Lakeview Irrigation District/SHANNON LAKE for more information:

West Kelowna Website - Water Quality Advisory Notice

October 12, 2017 BRIDGE IS OPEN! relief for Shannon Ridge Drive! for more information:

West Kelowna Website - Bridge Project Information

2295 Shannon Way Development Review Referral

The SLNA has received an application for comment for the property at the start of, and accessed by, Shannon Way (behind the Pub and Hydro Sub-Station). The application proposes using the property for a mini-storage/RV storage facility. The current zoning allows for a 54 unit residential development. The proximity to the Hydro sub-station is an issue with regards to a residential development and the owners are looking to alternate uses for the property. The application can be found at file Z16/05 and comments can be sent directly to the City c/o Andrew Gaylor, Planner at andrew.gaylor@westkelownacity.ca by June 30, 2016.

Update: From the comments received the SLNA provided a letter summarizing our membership feedback. A copy of the letter can be found here.

Shannon Way Traffic Calming?

Recently there has been renewed issues with incidents of excessive speed on Shannon Way with residents or visitors of the multi-unit complex ignoring the fact they are travelling through a family neighbourhood. This is a situation that the SLNA has brought to the attention of the municpality/Council repeatedly over the years (most recently at the 2016 Council Update) with the SLNA both asking for traffic calming options and sidewalks for pedestrian safety. A traffic study was undertaken several years ago that identified there was a problem but offered no solutions. This issue needs to be championed and solutions need to be found. If you are concerned about this and are willing to help please contact us to discuss potential strategies and implementation. Our 2016 presentation can be found at SLNA 2016 Council Update

2016 DWK Council Meeting for Neighbourhood Updates

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 @ 6:00 pm the SLNA presented the annual Neighbourhood Association update to District of West Kelowna Council. This presentation built upon the past presentation format with updates of current issues and removal of issues that have been addressed or completed. Our 2016 presentation can be found at SLNA 2016 Council Update. A presentation was not made in 2017.

About this web-site

This is always a "work in progress" website so please check the various pages of this site and feel free offer any comments/concerns by sending us a note at slna@shannonlake.org. Check back often as we are hoping to populate this website with much information that will be of use to our neighbourhood and members.

Thank-you for visiting!

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